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MA defense: Odilia Yim

Odilia Yim will defend her MA thesis entitled: ” The Relationship Between Code-Switching and Task-Switching in Cantonese-English Bilinguals”, on Tuesday, October 26, 2010 at 2:00 pm in 163 Behavioural Sciences Building. Examining Committee: R. Lalonde, E. Bialystok, P. Angermeyer, N. … Continue reading

Playing music can enhance brain functions

Is playing a little Mozart good for your brain?  Recent research by York post-doctoral fellow Sylvain Moreno, who works with Distinguished Research Professor of  Psychology Dr. Ellen Bialystok in her Cognitive Development Laboratory, and Professor Glenn Schellenberg of the University of Toronto, … Continue reading

York study finds babies are wise to what we really mean

A study by York University researchers reveals that infants as young as six months old know when we’re “playing” them – and they don’t like it. Researchers in York’s Centre for Infancy Studies examined six- and nine-month-old babies’ reactions to … Continue reading

MA defense: Guilia Zucal

Guilia Zucal will defend her MA thesis entitled: ” Social Competence in 22 Month Old Infants:  The Role of Infant Joint Attention, Emotion Regulation and Temperament”, on Friday, May 14, 2010 at 10:00 am in 163 Behavioural Sciences Building. Examining … Continue reading

Interview with Dr. Bialystok

On Wednesday 14th April 2010 the Globe and Mail printed 2 articles with Prof. Bialystok. The first article “Bialystok’s breakthroughs” and the second “A researcher’s journey begins with the smallest steps“.

MA defense: Aileen Chau

Aileen Chau will defend her MA thesis entitled: ” Prefontal Cortex Involvement in Joke Detection and Appreciation”, on Wednesday, August 18, 2010 at 1:00 pm in 278 York Lanes. Examining Committee: W. Heinrichs, V. Goel, V. Gottschling, M. Desrocher.

MA defense: Joanna Rajchel

Joanna Rajchel will defend her MA thesis entitled: “Feature Processing, Illusory Conjunctions and Long-term Memory in Early Infancy”, on Wednesday, August 18, 2010 at 1:00pm in163 Behavioural Sciences Building. Examining Committee: J. DeSouza, S. Adler, S. Shanker, J. Bebko.

Experience and the Mind

Experience and the Mind The Case of Bilingualism Ellen Bialystok, Ph.D., York University In April 2010, Dr. Ellen Bialystok, Professor of Psychology, Faculty of Health, at York University was a recipient of  the prestigious Killam Prize from the Canada Council of … Continue reading

Ontario’s lieutenant governor visits MERHI

The Milton & Ethel Harris Research Initiative (MEHRI) at York University is creating a compelling body of work that explores the critical role of the caregiving environment in the evolution and development of language, intelligence, social skills and reflective consciousness in children. During … Continue reading

Dr. Ellen Bialystok wins Killam Prize

York University Professor Ellen Bialystok has been awarded the prestigious Killam Prize for outstanding career achievement. Dr. Bialystok, a Distinguished Research Professor in York’s Department of Psychology, Faculty of Health, is known internationally for her research on language, bilingualism and cognitive development. … Continue reading

Colloquium: Maggie Toplak

The DCP Colloquium Committee is pleased to present the first DCP colloquium for 2010.The presenter is York’s own Maggie Toplak! The development of rational thought: Debates and data. Do children become increasingly better reasoners over the course of development, or … Continue reading

Recent and Future Graduate Student Defenses

IRINA KAPLER – will defend her MA thesis on September 1, 2009 at 10 am in room 203 BSB, entitled: “Using Curriculum Material to Evaluate the Spacing Effect in Undergraduate Classrooms”. Examining Committee: D. Wiesenthal, N. Cepeda, S. Murphy & … Continue reading

In the News

Oct. 2008: Dr. Maria Legerstee’s research on infant jealously was highlighted on the Toronto Star (Does jealousy begin in the cradle?) and (Babies get jealous before they can even crawl: study) Click here to see the report on Jealousy featuring Dr. … Continue reading

Colloquium: Peter Mundy

Dr. Peter Mundy Title: Neural Connectivity, Joint Attention and the Social-Cognitive Deficits of Autism. Abstract: Models of neural connectivity may provide a basis for unifying genetic and neurodevelopmental models of autism with what we know about social-cognitive impairments and the early … Continue reading

Colloquium: Kalina Christoff

We are pleased to announce the second DCP colloquium for the year, in collaboration with the Cognitive Science colloquium series! Dr. Kalina Christoff is a scientist in the Cognitive Neuroscience of Thought Laboratory at Brain Research Centre at UBC. Her research focuses … Continue reading