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Sample Timeline MA Degree

DISCLAIMER: This is intended to be helpful to students in the DCP Area and is only a suggested (and optimistic) timeline.  Official requirements of the Program are in the Graduate Calendar (  

Year Date
1 Sept 30 Complete Research Assistantship application with supervisor & submit to Psychology Graduate Office.
1 Dec / Jan Start planning your thesis, in consultation with your supervisor.
1 April / May Submit draft thesis proposal to your supervisor (3500 words maximum). You must form your MA supervisory committee by end of the 2nd term of study.
1 Spring / Summer Revise & resubmit thesis proposal to supervisor as needed. Several re-submissions may be required. Submit the proposal to your committee.
2 Sept Once your committee has approved the proposal, submit it to the Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS), along with the signed proposal approval form and appropriate ethics forms. Forms and procedures and here:
2 Oct / Nov Begin data collection (once FGS has given ethics approval).
2 April All course requirements & research practicum should be complete.
2 May Submit thesis draft to your supervisor.  Plan time for revisions. Guidelines for thesis preparation are here:
2 June Revise & resubmit thesis to your supervisor as needed. Submit your supervisor-approved thesis to your committee.
2 June 1 To meet the deadline for Fall Convocation, you must defend the thesis by about Aug. 23.  By June 1, notify the Area Coordinator whether you: (a) do not plan to continue in the PhD programme, (b) will meet the deadline for Fall convocation and wish to proceed to PhD in the Fall, or (c) will not make the deadline but will defend by early October and wish to be considered for Fall provisional PhD status. Note that provisional PhD status should be requested only in exceptional circumstances.  If you are in category (b) or (c) then by June 1, submit to the Area Coordinator your CV, a feasible time-line for completion of the thesis, and a brief descriptive statement (maximum 500 words) outlining your reasons for wishing to pursue PhD studies. Ask each member of your MA supervisory committee to write to the Area Coordinator making a recommendation regarding your advancement to PhD status and saying either: (b) you will defend by Aug. 23, or (c) you will defend by early October.  The Graduate Director makes the final decision regarding provisional PhD status.
2 Late July Once your committee approves the thesis, have them sign the recommendation for oral form. Submit this form to the Graduate Office 3½ weeks prior to the oral (i.e., late July for Fall convocation). Ask your supervisor to line up a Dean’s Representative & non-Psych member for the oral examining committee. Find a date & time that will work for everyone before submitting the form.
3 Fall If you have not already asked for advancement to PhD, then once you have defended your MA thesis, you must apply for PhD status. Complete the Advancing to PhD form and obtain letters supporting your transition to the PhD program – one from each member of your MA supervisory committee. Submit also your CV and a brief descriptive statement (maximum 500 words) outlining your reasons for wishing to pursue PhD studies. Submit to DCP Coordinator.